OmyGuard™ Red Light Therapy with Stand for Face and Body

Sale price$69.99

Cutting-Edge Design: Our red light therapy lamp features the latest bulb design, with smooth edges for enhanced skin comfort and reduced weight. Paired with a sturdy adjustable tripod (15 to 61 inches), you can easily customize the height for optimal therapy sessions at home.

Combo Wavelength: Equipped with 9pcs deep red 660nm LEDs and 9pcs near-infrared 850nm LEDs, our lamp offers the ideal combination wavelength for red light therapy. Note that infrared light is invisible, so only half of the LEDs will appear lit during use, which is normal.

Pain Relief and Skin Care: Experience the benefits of 660nm red light enhancing cell activity and 850nm NIR light penetrating deep into body tissues. This combination promotes improved skin condition, faster post-workout recovery, reduced inflammation, and pain relief. Plus, the super-large 60-degree glass lens ensures optimal brightness and intensity for efficient therapy.

Red Light Therapy at Home: Enjoy the convenience of red light therapy whenever and wherever you like. Whether you're reading in bed, watching TV on the sofa, or playing computer games, our lamp makes it easy to integrate therapy into your daily routine.