OmyGuard™ Handheld Pro Muscle Percussion Massager

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Relieve. Recover. Relax.

Boost your muscle recovery after workouts and relieve fatigue and soreness
with the Pro Muscle Massage Gun. This handheld theragun is a portable solution for your personal fitness, relaxation, and physical therapy needs, targeting specific areas on your body with four interchangeable massage head attachments.

Multilevel vibration frequencies and three separate arm angles help provide longlasting pain relief, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation in hardtoreach areas, such as your shoulders, dense leg muscles, and more.

Whether you sit at a desk all day or are “living the life” as a pro athlete, the Pro Muscle Massage Gun is the ideal massaging solution for earning a healthier body.

Versatile: Four attachments: Precision – affects deep tissue regions and joints; Dual – soothes neck and spine areas; Round – works large muscle groups like thighs and calves; Flat– relieves neck, spine, and Achilles tendon regions.
Adjustable: Tri–positional arm (0/45/90°) makes the massager easy to use at different angles, and five speed settings (1600–3200RPM) provide relaxed to vigorous muscle stimulation.
Multifunctional Display: Shows both the current speed and remaining battery life.
Diverse: Use for all your fitness, relaxation, and/or physical therapy needs.
Lightweight: 2 lbs. for easy use and travel.
Quietly Powerful: Unwind and recuperate in silence with up to 5 hours of operating time (depending on speed and pressure settings).
Portable: Carry the massager anywhere with its included premium storage case and easy–grip handle.